CellApps - SMS based application development suite


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CellApps is a multi utility software with varied application like sending single or bulk SMS, enabling your ERP / MIS, receiving e-mail notification and even providing CRM on your mobile.
The application is scalable, robust and allows the user to extend the functionalities through writing custom handlers and plug-ins.
It is currently available in 3 versions.
- CellApps Corporate
-  more

some of the commonly used CellApps applications are

e-mail alerts   bulk SMS   ERP on SMS   CRM solutions
e-mail alerts bulk SMS ERP on SMS CRM solutions









Get new e-mail alerts

Use it as effective marketing tool

Send SMS alerts to your customer

Query your order status









Read e-mail from your mobile

Send bulk SMS  in few  seconds

Trace the A / R  or  A / P from mobile

Complaint booking for customers









Write e-mail from your mobile

Very low cost and effective

Check inventory / product status

Payment reminder system










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Become reseller

Gujarat Gas is part of


British Gas group.


Company needed a


solution where the


customers can query


their current usage


and bill status...


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CellApps - a product of SALTRIVER INFOSYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd.