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  CellApps Lite

CellApps Lite allows sharing a mobile over your LAN allowing all users on the network to send SMS message from web/CellApps client application.

CellApps Lite includes multicast/broadcast SMS client to send SMS messages to multiple users easily, thus it could be used as a marketing tool. The utility also allows maintenance of address book and loading mobile numbers from text files for broadcast messaging.

CellApps includes access control and logging facility for monitoring purpose.


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SMS delivery engine for your: 

  1. Intranet – Send message to colleagues/clients from your intranet directory

  2. Office LAN – Send Messages to multiple recipients using client from any PC on LAN

  3. Advertising – Send Bulk SMS alerts with your application/devices

  4. Application – Integrate SMS alerts with your application/devices


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Web to SMS

Controlled Bulk Messaging


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  How it works ?

CellApps Lite includes a web server and a client software. After running the server software user can run client software from any of the machines on the LAN or use a browser for invoking the CellApps web page. From either of these users can write  a SMS message to multiple mobile users. The message gets queued on the server and is sent by the mobile device which is connected to the software.

CellApps Lite is also useful for making applications SMS enabled for sending the SMS messages.


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These are the minimum recommended system requirements for CellApps to run. If you use the machine for multiple purpose, please select a higher configuration so as it can take the increased load.

  • 64 MB of memory (128 MB recommended)

  • Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/XP/NT/2000 operating system

  • TCP/IP network protocol installed

  • ODBC support

  • Typical Hard disk space required: 30MB, additional space for any mail to be stored

  • Nokia 5110 attached to serial port using CellApps Serial Data Cable


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CellApps Lite

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-  Features

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-  How it works ?

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