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  ERP on SMS

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It is an web-based solution to extend the functionalities of ERP and company workflow applications. It used SMS-based solutions, which allowed personnel to share information with the company's servers.


Benefits of this system


- Employees at remote locations and nationwide offices can access the corporate workflow systems and access updated data. While on the move, the personnel can update systems and receive information through SMS.

- Companies cut down a lot of communication cost with this SMS based system, compared to the usual telephonic communication system.

- The investment in this technology is low, and the cost and other long term benefits are enormous


How it works?


Basics of the system


The system uses 'push-based' information. Pre-defined information can be flashed to key personnel anywhere. This included details about dealer outstanding, dispatch status, day-wise dispatches, monthly dispatches, day-wise production, and monthly production. In the morning, personnel would get around eight capsules of information on their mobile phones. So it wouldn't matter if they've hadn't logged on to the Website.


For instance, if any user wants to know about the outstanding position of a particular dealer, he/she can enter a pre-defined SMS command and send it to the mobile number, which is connected to the SMS server. With this, the information is pushed via the ERP system into the SMS server. The required information is pulled out and flashed back to the member.


Hardware requirements

The back-end infrastructure of this SMS system includes an SMS engine, which is a Nokia modem with a SIM card connected to an SMS server. High-end PC are used for an SMS server and installed a database engine in it. With this basic infrastructure.


The application is protected with the help of firewalls and user authentication (login and password) measures. Users can access only specific dealers for which they are authorized. To further enhance security, the company can make use of a dedicated link to its Website.


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