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  SMS in Marketing

Realizing the significance of this mode of marketing, Indian marketers are increasingly opting for mobile marketing techniques to connect with their target audience—directly. And with around 50 million subscribers in the country, the concept of mobile marketing is rapidly gaining momentum; observe new media analysts reports.

SMS has been extensively used by Political Parties and company like Coke.

 SMS in Banking  

World Over Banks are using SMS for customer service.

ST George Bank customers (Australia) can monitor their accounts on their mobile phones, using a SMS facility.

"The new service means that customers can now automatically be sent account information they have requested via SMS, including account balances, deposits and withdrawals as they occur," St George said.

The service works for any St George Freedom savings or credit card account.

Similarly, Indian Banks like ICICI, HDFC are also providing facility to check bank balance, do stop payments from SMS to their clients.

  SMS in Finance and Stock Broking

In India, SMS Stock Tips Are Hot - Nov 27 2003

Brokers from small and large financial firms in India are updating their clients on the latest market fluctuations by SMS, suggesting investment options, including derivatives strategies, in real time. According to Vinod K Sharma, equity strategist at Anagram Stock Brocking, "Investors and day traders need to know what to do during the thick of the action in the case of a fresh corporate performance or other event. "SMS is the best solution as the client can attend to it as soon as he finds time," says another dealer. "It helps them to take instant decisions. It is very effective and investors get in touch with the brokerage houses fast." 

  Making ERP SMS Enabled

Companies are making their ERP SMS aware so as they get alerts on their mobile and their executives are powered with latest information, wherever they go.

The Information Mobilization is done by many organization, which includes Maize Products.

  Mobilize your Mail Server

Email has revolutionized all businesses and it has become critical for all the executives whether in office or on move to remain in touch with their emails. The SMS gateway make their mobile number an email address and also enables access to their email box on SMS. Thus they can write mails or check mails from Mobile using SMS. The new mail arrivals comes as SMS alert message.

Most of the business enterprises are enabling their Mail server for better productivity and response time.

  SMS in Commerce  

SMS based simple m-commerce application like movie ticket booking or hotel reservation or cadbury chocolates on a vending machine from SMS have become popular. Many such commercial applications are being deployed on SMS.

  Utility Information Services

SMS is being used for all types of utility companies to provide information to their consumers. Whether is Railways or a Gas supplier or an electricity supplier. All of them are providing access to their database and current status on SMS. This makes the Utility services access easy for the consumers.

  CRM – SMS making it effective and easy

SMS is being extensively used for CRM solutions like loyalty building programs, surveys, repeat business generation and providing information access to the customers. The CRM applications includes basic chat application which customer can provide on their web site  which could be attended by their support staff who may be in field and reply to the same on mobile.


Real Implementation

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