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  Bulk SMS

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Sending out bulk messaging campaigns is easy through the use of our BULK SMS SOFTWARE. You can create and send out a bulk messaging campaign in no time at all.

  What are the benefits of this system ?

- you can send SMS to huge number of mobile phones.

- Very easy to understand and use.

- You can use it as a mobile marketing tool.

- Upload contacts database into specific groups of your choice and send SMS to particular group.

  How to send a larger bulk SMS distribution list:

Prepare your data

Before you create a distribution list on your account you need to prepare a file of mobile numbers. The format of the list is either one mobile number per line with no commas or: mobilenumber1, mobilnumber2, mobilenumber3, mobilenumber4 etc.

Setup a distribution list

Login to your account and select the links 'setup', 'manage distribution lists' and 'add file'. Enter a name for the distribution list, select the list file from your local computer using the 'browse' button, then press 'validate'. You will be presented with the imported data and asked to confirm it has imported as expected. When you confirm this, the distribution list will be saved to your account.

Prepare your message

Type the message you want to send to your customers or friends.

Send your message

Check your message and sending options carefully and once you are happy these are correct press the send messages button. Your messages will then be queued for sending, either at the time you specified, or immediately if you have not specified a time.

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