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  Case Study
  Hutch with CellApps Telco Server for Hutch Mail and Other Value Added

Hutch is a leading Mobile Telecom Operator in India. They were looking for a platform for providing email services to users on Mobile and a platform which could be used for different kind of SMS based value added services like News, Cricket Score, Quizzes, Payment Status. They needed a billing solution as well so as they could bill the customers based on usage. The other requirement was a customer care solution and effective SPAM control system.
We integrated CellApps Telco with Hutch website for SMS sending from website. Hutch Mail provided facility to check any email account from Mobile or write mails from Mobile. The system was used for various kinds of application. The system was flexible to an extent that it can be scaled for high speed delivery and also provided mechanism for selling Bulk SMS accounts to the corporate users. The system is used by many circles of Hutch in India.

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