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  CellApps Telco

CellApps Operator Edition is multi-threaded, scalable application software, which allows providing various email services on SMS. The software also provides facility to provide information services like cricket score, news, movies etc on SMS.

CellApps Operator Edition includes multicast/broadcast client for offering bulk SMS services. CellApps includes reporting and management console for database integration, access control, Spam controls.

CellApps includes various other components like web-to-mobile chat, Dynamic Scripting facility for accessing of any website/ODBC database information on SMS, VB/VC API to develop two way handler applications.

CellApps Operator version also includes Billing/Reporting module. The MIS module of CellApps allows to see the user registration details, the requests they have sent etc.

The software provide very  high speed of SMS delivery and can even support sending up to 1,000 messages a minute.

The software is also useful for operators to provide prepaid or postpaid Bulk SMS account or facility to corporate clients and thus provides an additional revenue opportunity.


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- Web to SMS

- Web to SMS Interactive Chat

- Email to SMS

- SMS to Email

- Scheduled Content Push or Content Pull

- Mail Arrival Notification

- Controlled Bulk Messaging

- Consumer/Corporate Specific Keywords


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  How it works ?

CellApps Telco Software is installed on a Windows Server Machine. It is configured so as it can communicate with SMSC over SMPP or CIMD protocol. The account information for connectivity with SMSC is stored in CellApps.

CellApps Receivers picks up whenever a new message comes and processes the same based on the keyword and access rights definitions. The server maintains log of each request for billing purpose.

If there will be registered handler, it will be invoked and the request will be processed. The handler can send a response SMS message to the user.

Similarly,. Telco allows to configure scheduled information push contents. These information are fetched from the data sources which could be website, file or a database and sent to the registered mobiles as SMS like cricket score after every over.


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These are the minimum recommended system requirements for CellApps to run. If you use the machine for multiple purpose, please select a higher configuration so as it can take the increased load.

  • 256 MB of memory (512 MB recommended)

  • Microsoft Windows XP/NT/2000 operating system

  • TCP/IP network protocol installed

  • ODBC support

  • Typical Hard disk space required: 500MB, additional space for any mail to be stored

  • Nokia SMSC connectivity on TCP/IP

  • CIMD 1/2 accounts with send/recv privileges

  • SMPP connectivity


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CellApps Lite
CellApps Corporate
CellApps Telco

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