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Cricket Score

CellApps  provides an online cricket score  handler. The handler automatically downloads the cricket score  from the website and is integrated with data pull framework.
  How it Works for a Mobile Device? 
  • The User would visit to Service Provider’s Web Site and would fill up his portfolio information on a registration page and conditions when he should get notifications.

  • The post request from this page would be directed to the address of the machine on which CellApps is running.

  • The information would come to CellApps either over a secured channel or over a non-secured channel.

  • The subscriber would be registered for the service if the mobile number would valid and has been the service facility

  • The user starts receiving score notification as per the interval specified.

  • Incase of cell phone user, the user can pull the prices as per his choice or even customize it from the handset for his preferences.

Similarly, online handler for horoscope, birthday greetings, news  etc. can be provided

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Cricket Score


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