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Email Notification on Mobile


Under this facility a mobile subscriber would be notified of new mails arriving on the subscriber’s mail account.


The feature allows a subscriber to register his ISP mail account details and this module  would notify a subscriber about a new mail arrival in the subscriber’s ISP mail account.  

Note: Currently CellApps supports only POP3 complaint mail server. Support for web based servers can be provided on special request.


  How it Works ?

  • The User would visit to Service Provider’s Web Site and would fill up his mail account information on a registration page.

  • The post request from this page would be directed to the address of the machine on which CellApps is running.

  • The information would come to CellApps either over a secured channel or over a non-secured channel.

  • The subscriber would be registered for mail notification if the mobile number would be valid and has service facility and the subscriber’s credentials would be valid on the mail server selected.

  • The user starts receiving notification for the number of new mails lying in his account.

  • In case the user’s account could not be accessed, for MAX_FAILURE_COUNT times, due to any error in UserId or Password i.e. the ISP account for the user has expired or the user has changed his ISP password, the registration would be deactivated and would be activated again only when the user updates his information from the website.

  • In case a user’s account would be deactivated for more than a specified period then it would be deleted from the account.

  • Whenever a mobile number would be no longer valid it’s subscriber’s entry would also be deleted from the registered users list.


Multicast a message to Group of Subscriber


( PC to Mobile Messaging for Corporate Customer ) ( Client/Server )



To allow a user to send multicast message to a group of subscriber over a dial up connection the service provider will have to setup a RAS server in the network. This server could be the same machine where CellApps is running or could be in the same LAN segment as of that machine.


  How it Works ?  

  • For any user who wants to avail the facility of being able to send a multicast message an account has to be created on CellApps. The account information would include username, password and a limit on number of mobile devices a message can be delivered to in a single batch.

  • After the account creation the user would have to use a special client utility for delivery of message. The usage of that utility is described in its document.

  • CellApps would send the message to destination mobile devices in a batch. In case any number would be nonexistent or does not have facility an error mail would be generated and sent back to the user.


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