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Email to Mobile Messaging


Under this facility each mobile subscriber would be provided with a mobilenumber@serviceproviderdomain kind of E-mail address, for example 989901000@saltrivercellular.com.

Any mail arriving for the subscriber on this address would be forwarded on his mobile device in the form of SMS Message.


Besides the basic set of requirements mentioned in section 1, following would also be needed.

  • The service provider will have to configure their serviceprovider.com ( or any other) mail server in a manner such that any mails coming to their server which does not have any valid user would be directed to the CellApps server i.e. forwarded to machine on which CellApps is running.


  How it Works ?

All or a set of subscriber can be provided a e-mail address such as mobilenumber@serviceprovider.com so that any message arriving on this address would be sent to the subscriber’s mobile device as SMS  message. 

CellApps has a mail server as one of its component which would accept mails from the serviceprovider.com mail server. The external mail server should forward only those mails to CellApps for which there is no account on that server.

  • CellApps would break up the mail contents into pieces and send them as SMS  Messages to the target mobile device.

  • One mail can contain only one target mobile number.

  • In case the mobile number mentioned in the mail does not exists or does not have facility an error mail would be sent back to the sender.


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