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CellApps is a SMS based rapid application development tool. CellApps uses a GSM mobile device (phone or Modem) for sending and receiving SMS messages. CellApps provides facility to develop both Mobile Originated (Pull) application as well as Mobile Terminated (Push/Alert) application.

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  Mobile Originated Applications

The application where user sends SMS to retrieve information on demand is defined as Mobile Originated or Pull Application. The message can retrieve by CellApps from the mobile device and based on the SMS content it retrieves the information. The CellApps application interface layer provides different mechanisms to define the message handling. These include: 

  1. Scripts
  2. Handlers (ActiveX DLL)

 A simple application example will be a content application like NEWS or Cricket Score, where the same you can retrieve by sending SMS to mobile device which is connected to CellApps Server. When the CellApps Server receives the message, it checks which script or handler to be called based on the keyword in SMS message and sends the reply by either picking up information from database, website a file or generated by some other application.

  Mobile Terminated Applications

The application allows users to send SMS alerts or messages either at scheduled interval or on some particular event occurrence. The CellApps application interface layer provides different mechanisms to send SMS messages. These includes 

  1. Multicast Message Protocol
  2. SMTP
  3. HTTP Post Request
  4. ActiveX DLL

A simple application example will be a mail notification server, which monitors email server for sending new mail alerts.

  Security & Access Control

CellApps allows defining data security by restricting the access to keywords to specific mobiles. Thus users who have been given access, can retrieve the information.

  CellApps Product Architecture

The CellApps includes multiple layers as shown in the figure. The SMS server uses Receivers/Feeders for SMS communication. The Console application allows configuring different system settings. The Application layer is built using the interfaces available with SMTP/Web/Multicast Server and also with script engine and COM

Application Layer
Http Email Winsock VB/VC Web/database
Web Server

SMTP Server

Multicast Server COM Script Engine
Console Application Log Manager Security Manager Filter Manager
SMS Server
Feeder Receiver Spooler

CellApps Server



-  Overview

-  Mobile Originated Applications

-  Mobile Terminated Applications

-  Security & Access Control

- CellApps Product Architecture

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