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Web to mobile SMS sending


Email to mobile messaging


Mail Notification to Subscriber


Sending Mails from Handset


Interactive Chatting from Website


Interactive Mail Access Facility


Data Pull Applications


Interactive Two Way Application Development Handler


Online NSE Stock Data Acquisition Handler


Cricket score



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SMS in Marketing


SMS in Banking  

SMS in Finance and Stock Broking


Making ERP SMS Enabled


Mobilize your Mail Server


SMS in Commerce


Utility Information Services


CRM SMS making it effective and easy

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ASP solutions


Mail on phone


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Info on phone


      - Cricket score on phone


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Trade on phone


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CellApps - Lite


CellApps - Corporate


CellApps - Telco

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Value Added Services Platform for SMS Services


Make Current Application SMS Enable


CRM - Payment Reminder and Customer Billing Solutions


CRM New Product Announcements 


SMS Marketing Bulk Advertisement 


SMS Sending Facility from Intranet Directory


SMS Sending Facility on any Website


CRM SMS based Policy Reminding System

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